Our Commitment

In an age where integrity is scarce we want to provide you with full transparency into how we are going to help change this fucked up society while providing you with exclusive high fashion you can love for a lifetime and even pass down as we all love vintage high fashion.


We place the most importance on the finishing and craftsmanship of each our garments with hours of time and care put into each creation. We use only the finest sustainable and organic fabrics and materials that are sourced by the Founder himself.


We continuously adapt our ways of working to ensure our systems are up to date and as sustainable as possible in our current climate, while also striving to take on new systems that improve our sustainable practices.

We work to build and maintain long-lasting relationships with all of our suppliers and manufacturers. Visiting them regularly where possible as well as sharing knowledge and expertise so that we can understand and learn how to help those who may be disadvantaged within our respective industries.


We to take ethical practice and sustainability into account in everything that we do. We are currently a very new and small brand and our systems may not be perfect but we hope to positively impact the world and help to usher in the change that is necessary to ensure we have a bright and prosperous future.


 To ensure our world is one we can live on for an eternity, not for a few hundred years by changing consumer behaviour through new methods and providing knowledge.

To ensure gender labels for non-specialised clothing are a thing of the past by introducing gender-neutral fashion.

To prove that sustainability does not mean boring or bland.

To positively influence and help fashion brands make immediate change to sustainable practice.

To bring luxury and high-end clothing back to what it used to be, not what it currently is.