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Made to order

Each design is offered on a made to order or made to measure basis. 

Made to measure designs require your measurements so that the item is tailored to your body. Instructions will be provided to measure.


Production of each garment takes 5 - 31 days in our London based atelier.


You will be notified at each critical stage of production  during the progress of your order.

Shipping time of fabric and other materials are factored into the production period.


You will be notified of any updates through the email you provide.

Made to order clothing is not purchasable outside of our order period which takes place at the start of every month.

This means we only take 12 sets of orders each year for made to order clothing.

Our order period will start from the 1st and end on the 7th at midnight of every calendar month.

Clothing will be purchasable outside of this period on a pre-order basis with production starting the following month.

Our production method, unlike other brands enables us to produce each garment in the most sustainable and ethical way possible. It allows us to dedicate hours upon hours of time to each item produced thus ensuring we craft at the highest standard of tailoring, on top of ushering in a new era for fashion- an era of integrity, an era of revolution.

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