Made to order

Koziko London produce high-end sustainable and gender-neutral garments on a made to order basis in the heart of London.


Production of each garment takes 5 - 21 days.


You will be notified once a week of the progress of your order until your garment is shipped from our Atelier in London, United Kingdom.


A single garment takes between 4 - 20 hours with some garments taking longer depending on the intricacy and detail of the garment. 

Shipping times of fabric and other materials are factored into the production period.


You will be notified of any updates through the email you provide.

Haute couture garments are discussed over email only. You may email us at

Brexit: Due to Brexit there may be further delays.

We are not liable for any customs charges that may incur when purchasing our garments from a country that is not the United Kingdom.

Measuring Fabrics

Our Made to Order strategy was designed by Alexander due to his wish to change how we consume fashion. Currently fashion is crafted using low-quality materials and soft plastic to then be over-consumed by the masses but this needs to change if we wish to have a future.


Our goal is to take high fashion back to the core roots of what it should be, not what it currently is.

Our strategy enables us to keep Koziko London garments sustainable, ethical, at the highest standard of craftsmanship and highly coveted- available to the true fashion connoisseur and environmentalist at heart.

Man Sewing
Climate Change Banners

We hope our strategy will help our customer break away from the noise of the fashion world that is currently focused on over-consumption of low-quality garments rather than the slow consumption of high-quality garments.
Strategies like this are needed now more than ever due to the growth of fast fashion and the behaviours it is setting in.