A breath of fresh air in an industry plagued with pollution, oppression and inequality.

The world has become a dystopia, people are marginalised for being themselves. Brands tell pretty lies and half truths so they can continue to destroy our planet but it is time to say FUCK THAT and put ourselves and our future first.


That is why Alexander has founded Alexander Night.


Our mission is to take us back to a time where we crafted luxurious, high quality, ethical and sustainable garments that are worn and loved for a lifetime. Garments that are crafted with meticulous attention to detail and have numerous hours of time and care put into each garment.

We wish to see communities across the globe thrive and live in safe environments, gender labels a thing of the past and ethical practice at the forefront of fashion as currently our system is failing us, and those within it- it is currently leading us and our planet to a place of no return.​

Our garments are crafted with meticulous attention to detail using the old-ways of tailoring carefully honed and passed down over a lifetime, while using the finest sustainable, organic and ethical fabrics. We hold a strong focus and care on ensuring our garments are loved and cared for, for years to come.

In our current time fastness has been favoured over care and quality but we wish to take luxury fashion back to what it used to be- a focus on fine fabrics, craftsmanship and complex but functional design rather than on materialism, eccentricity or brand name.

As an inclusive luxury brand we have a focus on ensuring we design garments that cater to every individual while remaining at the highest quality.
We use luxurious fabrics that set the eyes ablaze with love for their beauty and we have a strong focus on the finishing of our garment to ensure it is durable and easily repaired over its lifetime.
We wish to ensure our customer has a smile on their face every time they wear our clothing as it is as important to us as ensuring that garment is one that will be beneficial to their health and the environment.