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The Atelier

We work exclusively with a high-end ethical and sustainable Atelier based in the heart of London.

Specialising in fine fabrics and complex designs as well as being one of the only Ateliers that protect and conserve the old-ways of tailoring.


Our Atelier is a short train ride from Alexanders home who works to build and maintain close, long-lasting relationships with our Partners.


This helps us to ensure our Partners adhere to the same strict values, principles and standards on ethical and sustainable practice in the workplace. In turn we are able to ensure to our customer that their garment is one that has been crafted ethically and to the highest standard.

Ethical Silk

We use a special type of silk that is made through an ethical and humane production method.


Silk is made from silk moth cocoons, in traditional silk making methods they breed silk moths in captivity, once the silk moth reaches a certain stage in metamorphosis they kill the silk moth so they can harvest the cocoon.


The production for our silk is starkly different. Wild silk moths are bred but the silk moth is not killed and is allowed to go through metamorphosis and transform before their cocoon is harvested. In this way no animals or ecosystems are harmed, yet we are still able to use one of the oldest fine fabrics in history.

Fabrics and Materials

Each garment is crafted with luxurious and innovative 100% certified organic fabrics and materials. For each garment we list the fabric type, make-up and origin.


We source our fabrics directly from a single specialised sustainable fabric manufacturer which are one of the leading manufacturers on sustainable fabrics in the world- having helped with the implementation of certifications they stand on governing bodies as well as consistently creating new types of organic cotton never seen before.


Our Thread is certified organic cotton and sourced from the worlds leading certified organic thread manufacturers based in the United States.

Our Buttons are sustainably sourced Corozo, Mother of Pearl, Wood or Coconut.

Waste and Standards

We hold true to our core values and mission of sustainability. We consistently and constantly look for new ways of working to help reduce our impact on the planet


During sampling and production we endeavour to save all of our off-cuts where possible. Off-cuts are then repurposed into accessories or used to create one-off garments.


We understand that a large amount of waste comes from shipping and packaging which is why all of our cardboard is recycled and our mailing bags are made from corn-starch- enabling us to provide you with full recyclable and degradable packaging that leaves zero waste!

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