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My name is Alexander and I am the creator of Alexander Night. A brand which I launched during the Pandemic of 2020 shortly after finishing my apprenticeship in the NHS.

I am a 25 year old who grew up in East London with my mum, brother and sister. Growing up I never had the chance to experience fashion as others have due to various reasons such as income, confidence, anxiety and self-esteem, I never really had any idols, passions, hobbies or anything I was highly attached to. I always felt a bit disconnected from society and now I know why- life was getting me ready for this.

Why I started Alexander Night

The reason I had the idea for a clothing brand is because I was being turned down constantly by modelling agencies (at this point my confidence had grew due to my experience and work in the NHS). The frustration with being turned down made me think “I'm not letting societies standards dictate my worth- If modelling agencies will not see my worth I will create my own clothing, model it and make them see my worth.” and that is exactly what I set out to do.

I decided to create my own high-end clothing because other types did not really fit- the clothing was for me first and foremost, created from my own style and I only want the best for me as well as any who may be buying my clothing. It's my pride and joy. I had also always wanted high-end clothing due to the fine fabrics and unique designs but couldn't ever afford it.

As I was researching for my brand I came across destruction, death, oppression, slavery, pollution- you name it, the fashion industry probably has it so that lead me to wanting to help change this fucked up industry and why my brand is sustainable as well as ethical. I make sure to visit my atelier often and source all the fabrics myself.

There are further personal reasons that brought on the idea for a gender-neutral brand but these are not details I wish to disclose at this point in time.

All of this together is what led me to create Alexander Night.

Thanks for reading,