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Alexander Night modelling his certified organic aegean cotton velour cropped crewneck

Hey, my name is Alexander and I am the creator of Alexander Night, a brand which I launched with the funds I had saved from my apprenticeship in the NHS (National Health Service). I launched during the Pandemic of 2020 shortly after finishing my apprenticeship. My time at the NHS partly shaped me into the person I am today and I don't think I would be here had I not worked there.

I grew up in a council house in East London with my mum, brother and sister but in later years just my mum and little brother. I was always in and out of hospital growing up due to numerous health issues and behavioural issues so that meant never really being present that much in school, coupled with undiagnosed ADHD and a transition into depression and isolation I left school at 16 with pretty much nothing and believed I would never amount to anything until I started to believe in myself in my early 20's and started focus on following my passion no matter what might hold me back.


That strong belief led me to launching my brand at the end of my apprenticeship with a goal to create fashion for me and people like me. It's been a tough journey but 3 years later here I am still creating and working on building my dream which I am forever thankful for the opportunity for.

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